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Book your private viewing trip
in Spain with free hotel

First of all we concentrate on viewing properties. On the basis of our personal interview with you and your wished and requirements we visit properties in 2 to 5 different zones all within the budget specified.

Matching properties

Before your come to Spain we will via phone determine your needs and wishes for a property in Spain. Then you will receive some example of some matching properties.

Thereafter, it is all up to you to find some suitable dates for when you can come to Spain and then book your tickets.

Viewing properties

When you arrive in Spain we have already booked a nice hotel for you. We normally dedicate 3-4 days for a viewing trip, minimum to entire days.

We also arrange the transport from the airport to the hotel. When you are ready we begin viewing properties. Our large portfolio of properties allow us to adjust the viewings in case we discover that your want to see something different then what we had planned for.

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A typical day start with the pick-up at the hotel after you have had your breakfast. I could be at 9 o’clock or a bit later all depending on the program for the day. How many properties we can see before and after lunch depends of how touch your requirements are and how big the offer is and the availability of the properties and finally what you are up to.

We feel it is important that we show you different areas so that you have a good sound feeling  when you make your final choice. Our dedicated property consultant will ensure that your see wide variety of properties en different areas.

During the day we also explain how a property purchase is conducted in Spain, which legal and administrative process we will have to follow and the possibilities of financing your purchase if this is of interest to you.

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