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Our philosophy is very simple, we want to give an honest piece of advice to our clients when buying or selling property with us.

Higher moral standard from the estate agent

After some years of turbulence in the property market with first a boom and thereafter 7 years of crisis the real estate business in Spain real estates market now needs more than ever to become more professional and for all more honest and correct, and this is what we aim at every day.

Passion for “bricks”

Lexington Realty was founded by Peter Thuesen. He has a passion for ‘bricks’ and holds a master of economics science and real estate agent from Scandinavia. Before establishing Lexington Realty Peter Thuesen worked as official and exclusive agent in Scandinavia for Spain’s second largest bank BBVA.

Lexington Realty
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This is what our clients say


«We had our house on the market for nearly two years with two local estate agents with no success, in…

Cornwell, UK

We would like to thank you for the professional help and expertise in the marketing and sale of our property…


We went down in the middle of July to if possible buy an apartment within a week. Beforehand, we had…

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Best deal
for our clients

In Spain, unlike in some countries in northern Europe, it is common that the estate agent represents both the seller and the buyer. This fact requires even higher moral standard from the estate agent, in short being direct and honest to both sellers and buyers; informing what is the assumed selling price of the property when it is listed and towards the buyers merely find the best offers in the market at any time based on the wishes and requirements and not based on where the highest commission is to be made.

Financial partners and constructors

Lexington Realty works with a number of financial partners and constructors,. We are able to offer you any kind of property in our area, new, second hand or a building plot. If the property is not already listed on our web site, then please let us know which property you are looking for and we will find it.

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