The Socialist party losing the power

The socialist party losing the power in Andalucia

The socialist party finally lost their dominant power in Andalucia. For 40 years the PSOE as the party is called has been the dominant political force in southern Spain. However, the corruption scandals has definitely has it’s impact. Some serious tactical errors from the socialist leader Suzanna Diez  did not help either. To make thing worse the  new ultra right party Vox has an election far beyond their owns dreams.

So from just a two party struggle some 8 years ago there are now 5 parties in Andalucia who need to come to an agreement on how and who to rule.

even if the socialist party is still the biggest party the old PP and the new Ciudanos have decided to join force just get the socialist party away from the power. But as it is not an absolute majority they depend on either the ultra right wing party Vox or expect the socialist to let the, form government by not voting against.

Interesting to see if the socialist party leader and prime minister Pedro Sanchez will call for early election in the spring. Or if he will try to hang on despite his fragile government.

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