Tourism and exports give notice

Tourism and exports give notice. Ineca admits its concern about the slowdown of tourist activity and the foreign sector in Alicante despite the economic recovery.

They are two of the fundamental pillars of the provincial economic structure: tourism – the traditional goose that lays the golden egg – and the foreign sector, which after several years of growth, especially in the hardest years of the crisis, seems that they begin to show symptoms of exhaustion. The first is spending a summer in which he notices a deceleration already discounted beforehand but that has been confirmed; the second hardly sees exports increase. And all this concerns the Institute of Economic Studies of the province of Alicante (Ineca), which yesterday presented the results of the “Socioeconomic Situation Report” of the province corresponding to the second quarter of 2018. It is not that all alarms have jumped, but the evolution of the indicators of this part of Alicante’s economic activity should at least serve as a warning, according to Ineca. During the presentation of the analysis, the director of Studies of the entity, Francisco Llopis, acknowledged his concern about the progress of both tourism and sales to other countries. Llopis remarked that in the tourism sector “there has been a decline in the overnight stays of foreigners and nationals. Perhaps – it added – the increase of the tourist supply in other areas of the Mediterranean, the political stability of the zone, and the facility of the communications, has produced a certain displacement of habitual tourists in our region towards other more competitive territories ».

The Costa Blanca as a whole, hotel occupancy in July stood at 80.9%, almost four points less than in July of last year. You have to go back to 2014 to find a lower figure (79%), according to figures from the latest Hotel Situation Survey prepared by the INE. In reference to foreign trade, the Ineca leader said that concerns the position of Alicante “with respect to the rest of Spain”, since “the gap with respect to Spain is growing year by year. In 2016, we represented 2% of Spain and two years later, we are at 1.89%, and we still do not have a competitive productive offer to improve our external presence ». Exports have barely increased 0.48% in the first semester with respect to the same period of the previous year, according to data from the Provincial Department of Commerce -ICEX Alicante.

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